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Transportation Fire Risk Assessments
"London Waterloo has an average of 273,000 visitors a day,
each passenger poses a fire risk due to either human error
or general incompetence."
Fire Risk Assessments
Fire Risk Assessments Transportation
Are you liable?
Do you know your responsibilities?
Since significant changes to the regulatory reform act of 2005, it is your responsibility to ensure that your transportation depot is
meeting BS5839-1 Fire standards and has an appropriate fire risk
assessment in place. Should a fire occur with the premises you
could be liable for the consequences, including loss of life.

As the said person responsible for making sure your transportation
depot is meeting the legal requirements in fire safety, there are
necessary precautions you need to meet to reduce the possibility of
a fire occurring at your premises. Should you be unaware of who is the main person responsible for the consequences, responsibility for
fire safety can rest with:
Fire Risk Assessments Transportation Owner of premises
Fire Risk Assessments Transportation Managing directors
Fire Risk Assessments Transportation Staff - both part time and full time
Fire Risk Assessments Transportation
Risks in your environment
Identifying fire risks at a Transport Depot
Transport depots taking on a vast number of numbers (much like Waterloo) must have adequate measures in place in order to prevent a fire and have a plan of action should one occur. It's up to you to ensure that fire safety measures are implemented to prevent risk and provide safe evacuation for staff and the public alike.

There are a number of procedures that you must follow. These are:
Fire Risk Assessments You MUST consider the presence of any dangerous substances and remove these or place in a controlled environment.
Fire Risk Assessments You MUST have a clear evacuation plan, should a fire occur, that can be executed fast and efficiently to ensure that there are no casualties.
Fire Risk Assessments You MUST provide your employees/ temporary employees on how to react should a fire occur and prevent them or others being injured or the worse, death.
If a fire was to break out at your premises, there are a number of questions that YOU, the responsible party will be asked. If you cannot answer these questions then you may need to review your fire risk assessment to the latest British Standards.
  Were ALL the appropriate measures in place to stop a fire from happening?
  Were YOU and your staff able to execute your " emergency evacuation plan" efficiently without anyone becoming hurt?
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