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Theatre & Cinema Fire Risk Assessments
Ensure your theatre or cinema meets the legal requirements
and is able to keep your visitors safe in the event of a fire.
Fire Risk Assessments
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments
What are the regulations I must follow in my theatre?

When it comes to fire safety you must follow a number of regulations to ensure that customers and staff’s safety isn’t at risk. As the owner or manager of a cinema or theatre you are responsible for a number of factors in regards to fire safety - the Regulatory Reform act 2005 states this.

In order to comply with the regulations and British standards you must ensure that the correct procedures are in place so that you have fire prevention processes in place, also to ensure that in the event of a fire the people within the premises are safe and understand what they should do.
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments You MUST provide clear instructions and procedures for the event of a fire, this will ensure that evacuations can be made quickly and effectively when necessary.
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments You MUST consider the environment and the number of people that could be within the premises at any one time, this should be evaluated during the fire risk assessment.
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments
Laws and Regulations
BS 5839-1 / Regulatory reform act 2005
The British Standards are in place to ensure that both staff and public remain safe from fires, there is a number of requirements that must be and/or should be met in order to have a fire safe premises.

Understanding your legal obligation is a key factor, you must ensure that you are meeting the requirements of the British Standards when it comes to fire safety within the property that you own, manage or hold responsibility for.

As the responsible party you must ensure that a fire risk assessment has been conducted to regulation standards. This means that the assessment is up-to-date and current with building/ room changes and includes every element that is needs to.
If you are a responsible party, you must adhere to Regulatory Reform
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments
Preparing your fire risk assessment
Do you know what to do?
Even cinemas and theatres fall victim to arson attack. A cinema in Frome, Somerset was alight in the early hours of the morning, the fire investigation work found that the fire was started deliberately. At the time of the fire the building was empty as refurbishment work was in progress.

Human behaviour is difficult to be accountable for, ensure that this is not overlooked in a fire risk assessment can be highly important. Ensuring that smoke detectors and alarms are fully functional can be vital to ensuring that a fire is detected and extinguished quickly to allow people to remain safe.
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments
Fire risks in your industry:
Theatre and Cinema
There is a number fire risks that can be associated with theatres and cinemas, the main risk that you will be facing is the quantity of people. In the event of a fire there can be panic caused by the fire - do you have an effective procedure in place that will prevent this becoming a risk and ensure that all customers remain safe at all times.

Find out more about the industry specific risks that you face.
Fire Risks faced in Theaters and Cinemas
The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 states that as the property owner, you are responsible. And there is a number of questions that you may be asked, if you don't know or a unsure of the answers you may need to review your fire risk assessment - ensuring that the BS 5839-1 standards a meet correctly.
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments Do you have a fire procedure in place?
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments Are your staff about to execute your fire procedure?
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments Has your fire risk assessment be reviewed recently?
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments Have you ensured that there is a number of exit routes?
Theatre Fire Risk Assessments When was your electrical equipment tested?
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