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Retail Fire Risk Assessments
"Between 2003-2014 there were over 11,156 fires within retail and
vehicle trade premises resulting in 378 casualties and 12 fatalities"
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Are you liable?
Do you know your responsibilities?
After changes were made to the regulatory reform act in 2005, it is your responsibility to ensure your office or shop is meeting the latest in BS5389-1 fire standards and has had some form of fire risk assessment in plan. Should this not be in placed you are liable for what may happen should a fire occur in your building.

As the person liable for and fire incident in the building, you are responsible for the maintenance to help significantly reduce the change of a fire breaking out. Some of your responsibilities include:

Fire Risk Assessments Retail Have the set number of fire extinguishers for your building – this is 2 per floor
Fire Risk Assessments Retail Ensure you and your staff are aware of your emergency evacuation plan
Fire Risk Assessments Retail Install some form of sprinkler system to your building as a fast acting fire extinguisher
Fire Risk Assessments Retail Remove potential ignition sources away to significantly reduce the chances of a fire occurring
Failure to take on any of these responsibilities means that you are liable for what will happen in the event of a fire occurring.
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As the responsible party of your office or shop it is up to you to ensure the appropriate measures have been implemented to ensure a fire does not occur and that an adequate evacuation plan is present. As the owner of your office/ shop you are required to perform an evacuation drill once every year to ensure all staff members are aware of all emergency exits and what they must do should a fire occur in the building. Should this not be undertook you are more than likely liable for what may happen – this could include death.

As you are liable for the lives of employees and customers to your shop/ office, there are a number of procedures that you must follow:
Fire Risk Assessments Retail You MUST provide employees with clear and relevant information on all potential risks and what they would do to reduce the chances of a fire starting.
Fire Risk Assessments Retail You MUST consider the presence of any dangerous substance in your building and the risk that it may present to your employees and customers
Fire Risk Assessments Retail You MUST provide appropriate training to your employees so they are able to execute your evacuation plan without harming themselves or others.
If a fire was to break out at your premises, there are a number of questions that YOU, the responsible party, must ask yourself. If you're enable to answer these questions, you may need to review your fire risk assessment to meet BS 5839 - 1 standards.
Are ALL the required measures in place to prevent a fire from happening?
Have YOU informed your staff of the 'emergency evacuation plan'?
Are YOUR staff able to execute fire procedures efficiently and accurately?
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