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Health Care Fire Risk Assessments
"In 2004 the consequences of fires in hospitals and a host of other industries was estimated at a cost of over £2.5 billion."
Fire Risk Assessments
Fire Risk Assessments Healthcare
Are you liable?
Do you know your responsibilities?
Following the regulatory reform act of 2005, you are now responsible to ensure your premises is meeting the legal requirements in fire protection. You are liable for what may happen should a fire occur – this includes loss of life.

Responsibility for fire safety rests with:
Fire Risk Assessments Health Care Duty Holders
Fire Risk Assessments Health Care Owner of the premises
Fire Risk Assessments Health Care Staff (Full-time and Part-time)
If you are a responsible party, you must adhere to the latest BS5839-1 British Standards.
Fire Risk Assessments Health Care
Risks in your environment
Identification potential risk in Health Care
Within the healthcare industry there are numerous potential ignition sources which could lead to potential damage to hospital equipment or possible loss of life. To ensure you are not liable for the circumstances, there are a number of procedures that must be identified within your fire risk assessment. These are:
Fire Risk Assessments Ensure all emergency exits are accessible and that there are no potential blockages. This will ensure that everyone is able to evacuate in the event of a fire.
Fire Risk Assessments Ensure all potential ignition sources are removed from the building or are placed in a controlled environment. This means that the chance of one of these items contributing to a fire is significantly reduced.
Fire Risk Assessments Health Care Ensure all cooking apparatuses are switched off when not in use.
In order to ensure you are not liable for hospital deaths and damage to equipment resulting from fire, there a number of procedures you must follow.
  You MUST provide your employees with clear and relevant information on all possible risks to ensure action can be taken should and incident occur.
  You MUST provide appropriate information and regular training to staff ensuring they are able to react to a situation and prevent damage or loss of life.
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