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Festival Fire Risk Assessments
"An unmaintained and insufficient fire risk assessment can
lead to property damage as well as loss of life in the result
of a fire.
Festival Fire Risk Assessments
Festival Fire Risk Assessments
Are you liable?
Do you know your responsibilities?

Within an open air venue, such as a festival, there are numerous ignition sources throughout the venue that pose a real threat to the safety of all people on site. This means that YOU must ensure that your venue is meeting BS5839-1 Fire Standards.

As the responsible party, you are liable for what may happen should a fire occur- this includes the loss of life. This means that you may need your current fire risk assessment reviewed to ensure that all necessary precautions have been addressed.

There maybe many duty holders responsible for the fire safety at your venue, this may include: venue manager, owner of the land in which the venue is being held at as well as staff members.

Open air venue case study:
" A large fire destroyed over 80 vehicles at Boomtown festival in 2016 resulting from a cigarette being put out incorrectly. "
Festival Fire Risk Assessments
Festival Fire Risk Assessments
Risks in your environment
Identifying the potential fire risks at your
open air venue.
Identifying any fire risks is one of the most important steps that must be taken to help reduce the chance of a fire occurring. To ensure that you are not liable, there are a number of items that must be followed, these are:
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Restrict/ control the use of open fire i.e. barbecues – This is because many fires at well-established open air venues have resulted from open fires being poorly controlled or not extinguished in the correct way.
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Ensure that there is the minimum number of emergency exits available – This in the work place is 2 but will vary depending on the size of your event
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Ensure all emergency exits are accessible for all types of people (disabled, able to walk) – This ensures that everyone can evacuate safely and quickly in the event of any fire.
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Ensure that any potential ignition sources have been removed, or stored in a controlled environment or even replaced with a safer options. - This here removes a potential cause of a fire happening reducing the percentage change of a fire happening overall.
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Ensure that all staff or volunteers are made aware of emergency exits and have been given adequate levels of fire safety training. - This means that should a fire break out they can safely evacuate everyone and themselves without them or anyone else being hurt or worse killed.
As the responsible party, you must make sure that you know your responsibilities to ensure you are not liable should a fire occur. In order to prevent this there are a number of questions you can ask yourself.
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Do you have an up to date fire procedure in place?
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Are your staff correctly trained in fire safety?
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Are your staff made aware of all emergency exits at your venue?
Festival Fire Risk Assessments Has your fire risk assessment been reviewed recently?
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