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Factory Fire Risk Assessments
“£1 billion cost of warehouse fire s to UK PLC- 5,000 full-time jobs lost through preventable fires in commercial warehouses over the last five years. (Paul Fuller – Chief Fire Officers Association)
Fire Risk Assessments
Fire Risk Assessments
What are the regulations I must follow in my factory?
Dangerous substances & explosive atmospheres regulations 2002
A factory or warehouse will often have dangerous substances and possibly even an explosive atmosphere, each of these can be putting employees and visitors safety at risk. The DSEA Regulation 2002 states that it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that employees and visitor remain safe. This may include providing protective clothing and equipment.

The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 - Fire Safety Order
There is a number of fire safety regulations that have been introduced with this reform - you must understand these and comply to not only ensure the safety of staff and visitors but to reduce the risk a fire in the building. This reform states that as the owner, manager or responsible person you are responsible for fire safety in your factory or warehouse. The order states your duties as the responsible person and how a fire risk assessment should be conducted.
If you are a responsible party, you must adhere to Regulatory Reform
Fire Risk Assessments Factory
Risks in your environment
Identification potential risk in Education
When putting together a fire procedure for a factory or ware house there is a number of factors that should be considered, a fire risk assessment is a key factor.

Conducted to identify potential hazards and risks the fire risk assessment ensures that the risks and hazards are clear. This will allow for procedures to be identified to reduce the risk of a fire.

As the owner of the factory/warehouse owner or manager, it is your responsibility to:
Fire Risk Assessments Factory Ensure that a fire risk assessment has been conducted recently
Fire Risk Assessments Factory Review the assessment to identify new fire prevention methods
Fire Risk Assessments Factory Ensure that the changes to the fire procedure are made to accommodate found risks
Fire Risk Assessments Education
Preparing your fire risk assessment
Do you know what to do?
There is a number of preparation step that's must be considered during the fire risk assessment. Here is 5 must do's:
Factory Fire Risk Assessments You MUST ensure that your premises is equipped to deal with the event of a fire, this will include, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting and an evacuation procedure.
Factory Fire Risk Assessments You MUST ensure that employees that the fire training needed to be safe should a fire break out. Your employees must not put themselves or others at risk.
Factory Fire Risk Assessments You MUST provide employees and visitors with information of the fire procedure that is in place to protect them.
Factory Fire Risk Assessments You MUST ensure that the current fire risk assessment is up-to-date, and if not that you must ensure that it is review ASAP.
Factory Fire Risk Assessments You MUST have fire evacuation procedures in place to ensure that you staff and the public are able to escape quickly and efficiently from the premises in the event of a fire.
Fire Risk Assessments Education
When to review your fire risk assessment
Factories and Warehouse
There is not regulatory time to when the fire risk assessment should be reviewed, however for the safety of yourself and your employees it is advised to review the assessment once a year. On the other hand you should conduct a review when a significant change is made to a building or the way that the premises is being used.

Following this when ensure that you have a safe environment for employees and visitors, it will also allow you to identify hazards and find ways to avoid incidents arising.
  Tragedy fire in a factory:  
  “Bangladesh factory engulfed by fire, 24 dead, 50 injured” – 100 people working there at the time, ministry looked into whether the factory had the proper documents  
As the responsible person there is a number of steps that must be followed to ensure that you are reducing or removing the risks of fires happening.

Here is few factory / warehouse specific risks you may face:
  Ensure that suitable electrical plugs are being used that are safe and have been tested, electrical fires happen often - To reduce the risk of a fire, it can be vital to ensure that plug and sockets are not overloaded as they can even poses a threat as they can easily become faulty with being misused.
  Ensure that portable devices are correctly PAT tested for their safety - This will ensure that portable appliances do not become faulty and therefore become a potential fire risk.
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