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Accommodation Fire Risk Assessments
"Cooking equipment is the leading cause of fires
in hotels and motels with 2 in every 5 fires resulting
from poorly maintained kitchens."
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Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation
Are you liable?
Do you know your responsibilities?
The Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 now states that it is your responsibility to ensure your accommodation is meeting the latest in BS5389-1 fire standards and has had an adequate fire risk assessment put into place. Should a fire then occur and this is not the case, you are liable for the consequences including loss of life.

As the person responsible for fire your accommodation, you must ensure that it is meeting all the legal requirements in fire safety. There maybe many duty holders responsible for the fire safety at your accommodation, this may include people such as:
Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation Building owner
Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation Management
Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation Staff (Full-time and Part-time)
Accommodation case study:
"A devastating fire broke out at the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter with a potential ruptured gas pipe being the main cause of the fire. The fire raged for nearly 48 hours and completely destroyed the historic hotel built in 1791 with the emergency services receiving over 54 phone calls after the fire broke up."

Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation
Risks in your environment
Identifying the potential fire risks within an accommodation premises.

In the hospitality industry there is a great deal of contact with the general public and unfortunately from time to time accidents happen. This poses associated risk and therefore should be covered in your fire risk assessment. There are a number of procedures that you can follow, these include:

Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation You MUST provide clear and appropriate instruction to all employees, within working hours, to ensure that they understand what procedures to follow in the event of a fire.
Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation You MUST consider the footfall that your premises has, this is because of each person that enters the premises is a fire risk. Most hotels adhere to an 'open-door policy' which subsequently puts people at risk.
Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation You MUST inform all visitors, staff, and temporary or contract workers of the risks to them. This can include providing them with information about who the nominated fire safety person/s are and also details of the fire safety procedures for the premises in the event of a fire or evacuation process.
Although there is no set period for a reviewing a risk assessment, it is best to review after a building undergoes great changes. This can also include changes to staff, rooms, contents and many more. It is found to be best practice to conduct a risk assessment annually, this will ensure that risks are identified and risk reductions can be found.
You MUST ensure that the current fire risk assessment is up-to-date, and if not that you must ensure that it is review as soon as possible.
You MUST have fire evacuation procedures in place to ensure that you staff and the public are able to escape quickly and efficiently from the premises in the event of a fire.
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