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What is a potential fire risk?
"An ignition source near a fuel is a high potential fire risk,
however almost anything can be a fire risk"
Fire Risk Assessments
The fire risks that you are facing will be identified within the fire risk assessment, you should ensure that these risks are removed or reduced in order to have a safer and more secure environment for both staff and visitors. Reducing fire risks can be highly important to ensuring that you are meeting the regulations and will also provide the ideal conditions to keep your premises safe from fire break outs at all times.

To further this you can have a fire procedure in place to ensure that these risks are reduced, often you will find that some risks are more difficult or even impossible to reduce. In which case you must a clear of the procedure to control the use and placement of fuels and ignition sources.

If you are a responsible party, you must adhere to the latest BS5839-1 British Standards
Reducing the fire risks faced:
  Fire Risk Assessment Identify risks during the F.R.A Fire Risk Assessments Identify potential hazards
  Fire Risk Assessment More ignition sources away from fuels Fire Risk Assessments Remove or reduce the number of hazards
  Fire Risk Assessment Implement an accurate fire procedure Fire Risk Assessments Provide staff with the necessary training
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