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What can I do to reduce the risks?
"All risk will be identified within your fire risk assessment
to allow you to then take the next steps in providing a safer environment"
Fire Risk Assessments
All potential fire risk would have been identified in your fire risk assessment. Should you not be sure on these , or where not made aware, it is vital that you have your current assessment assessed to ensure that you are meeting the legal requirements in fire safety and are not liable for the consequences. Removing potential risks helps create a safer environment for all and helps reduce the chances of a fire happening. There are a number of procedures you can follow to reduce the risk of a fire happening in your building, these include:
Procedures to follow:
Fire Risk Assessments Ensure that there are no object blocking your emergency exits Fire Risk Assessments Education Ensure that there are fire extinguishers available on site
Fire Risk Assessments Remove any potentially hazardous objects Fire Risk Assessments Ensure electrical equipment has been PAT tested.
Fire Risk Assessments Ensure all staff are made aware of emergency exits Fire Risk Assessments Ensure all staff have received training in regards to fire safety.

Should there be objects blocking your emergency exits, it can significantly increase the time that it takes to evacuate a building. This here could be a
life or death situation. To ensure that this does not happen, inspect your emergency exits and make sure that they would be accessible for all people. Should you employ people who need a wheelchair, you must make sure that the emergency exits are clear as well as being wide enough for them to evacuate in the event of a fire.

It is also important for you to remove any potentially dangerous objects from your building. Items of this calibre could include oxygen bottles. Should you need this items for a genuine purpose, you must either find a safer alternative or place them in a safe and controlled room/environment. Your staff must be made aware of all emergency exits as well as received adequate levels of training in fire safety meaning that they can evacuate themselves and help others in the event of a fire.

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