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What does BS5839-1 mean?
"The British Standards for the legal obligations
that you have as the responsible party"
Fire Risk Assessments
This is the British Standards, they are in place to ensure that both your staff and the public remain safe from fires. The British Standards include a number of requirements that must be and/or should be met in order to have a fire safe premises.

Since the 2013 update to the BS5839-1 standards, you may find that your current fire procedure and fire risk assessment is now outdated. This should be addressed as soon as possible as it is an essential part of legal obligation. Fire procedures also may need revising to ensure that all of the legal requirements covered within the British Standards at met. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the measures in place to adhere to your legal obligations - remaining compliant result in the safeguard lives.

If you are a responsible party, you must adhere to the latest BS5839-1 British Standards
To meet the British Standards you can:
  Fire Risk Assessment Conduct a Fire risk assessment Fire Risk Assessments Implement & maintain fire measures
  Fire Risk Assessments Reducing potential risks Fire Risk Assessments Produce full plans with fire emergencies
  Fire Risk Assessment Inform staff & visitors of risks to them Fire Risk Assessment Provide staff with the necessary training
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